Tourism Data Space

Enable tourism and mobility companies to improve their existing services (seamless traveland to develop new services, products and business models. Assess the environmental footprint of tourists throughout their whole journey.

Public Procurement Data Space

Definition and implementation of a forecasting and scenario assessment tool to evaluate and estimate the success of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) of being awarded in public procurement procedures


Green Deal Data Space

Finding solutions to extract actionable information from complex environmental Earth Observation data for
comprehensive climate risk assessment, to support local or national authorities and other interested parties in
mitigating the risks related to the changes in climate in the short and medium term.


Manufacturing ​ Data Space

Tackles key challenges in the EU’s Offset Printing industry by establishing a Manufacturing Data Space (MDS). The industry-specific MDS aims to empower manufacturers to address key issues like the high material costs, the fierce global competition, and the increasing sustainability demands. The aim is to unlock the hidden potential of unstructured data, to optimize supply chain, boosting competitiveness through the data economy.